What’s Up Garmin? (And Other Things)

I’ve mentioned it on here before and I am completely correct, with over 16,000 attempts already this year Box Hill is one of the UK’s most popular Strava segments. So why does my Garmin hate it so much? I’ve attempted the iconic switchbacks on numerous occasions but only three have ever registered properly, see below for last Wednesday’s ‘tracking’ of my route


As you can see the GPS tracking of where I went goes completely haywire as I approach Box Hill. I have both GPS and GLONASS enabled for accuracy and this is the only place in TWO countries where I have ever had any problems. I’m not sure what I have to do to get this corrected.

……the most annoying thing is that 5 days later it worked almost perfectly.


I’ve had a pretty eventful week and a half on the bike: 60km on my birthday (including the aforementioned Garmin fail), 107km on Bank Holiday Monday (including Leith Hill and Box Hill) and then, yesterday, I completed the Wiggle Sussex Gran Fondo which was 157km of pain. With a head cold and after Monday’s exertion I felt pretty rough but I made it to the finish line in about 7 and a half hours so I was happy with that



About iamiain

Now 40, cycling novice. Conquered London to Paris in 2017, now training for the Prudential Ride London-Surrey 100 in 2018
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2 Responses to What’s Up Garmin? (And Other Things)

  1. That is really, really weird. Can’t say I’ve ever experienced that before.

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    • iamiain says:

      It’s the weirdest thing but, seeing as it only ever seems to happen there, I don’t really want to go and fork out unnecessary money on a new unit or a Wahoo


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